“If I get married, I want to be very married.”

Audrey Hepburn

Photography by J S Coates

Your Trial

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The trial is an essential part of preparing for your big day. I’ll get to know you, your everyday makeup routine, and what you envision for your wedding. Having an idea of your day-to-day routine and an insight into your favourite products will ensure that I make you look and feel like your best self—after all, makeup is such a personal thing; what smokey means to one person might mean natural to another! Your trial would also be a good time to share any photos you may have collected, plus any details of your wedding such as your dress, hair, bridesmaids dresses, and flowers.

I recommend scheduling a trial within 2-4 months of your wedding date. If your wedding is booked more than a year in advance, you may wish to consider booking an additional trial closer to the date, as your preferences may change leading up to your wedding. Detailed notes will be made to record all products used in the trial to ensure the makeup is perfectly replicated on your wedding day, so no need to worry!

Trials can be booked in Mon-Thurs, and can last up to 2-3 hours. Bridal Party trials can be booked with up to 3 people and take 1.5 hours each. The trial is also a good time to discuss timings and requirements prior to your wedding date.

Your Wedding Day!! ♥

Photography by  Christina Sarah

Photography by Christina Sarah


It's finally here! Your big day! Whether you're a bundle of nerves or calm and collected it's important to create a relaxing atmosphere on your wedding morning. Here are some tips:

On the day of the wedding I will arrive 15-20 mins prior to the discussed start time to set up my kit. A time schedule will be created beforehand at your trial to ensure adequate time is allocated for each person. I find it’s usually best if the bride is second or third to have their makeup done, as you will need time to put your dress on, take photos, and enjoy the moment.